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  • Matt Fout

July 2018

To the Good People of OSTA,

It was a hot one at Rushcreek but we had a lot of fun. We had right at 100 shooters for the weekend, of which 15 were kids and youth. Ed Jarvis held the balloon shoot for the kids and somehow a water balloon fight broke out at the end. We started rewarding the kids again with OSTA bucks for shooting certain balloons. The kids had a great time. The folks at Rushcreek done a great job as always having the grounds and course ready for the shoot. Of course, they hosted their famous fish fry Saturday night and it was enjoyed by many.

The business meeting was held on Saturday and we had a decent attendance for the amount of people that were at the shoot on Saturday. Jerry reported that at the time we were sitting around $6800 in our account. We do have an insurance payment of $750 that needs to come out of that also and will be replacing one computer soon. We discussed ways to improve shoots again. Some of the ideas being more novelties, holding money shoots, changing the shoot schedule, getting more vendors and inviting groups such as 4-h groups and the scouts. The vendor idea is a good one and I have tried to get more vendors, especially at the State Shoot. The vendor issue is kind of like the ole,” which came first, the chicken or the egg”? Vendors need to know that there are going to be a certain number of people at a shoot and of course more people would come if there were more vendors and exhibits. I’m not sure how to make that all happen but I’m open to suggestions.

Tom Frick nominated Jeff Fletcher for President and Jeff accepted. In the scenario where Fletch becomes president, his remaining term of vice president would need fulfilled by someone else. That person will be appointed by the president. We do have someone willing to step into the role of vice president. However, if we have two or more people that are dead set on being vice pres, we can have a special election. Nominations are still open for the office of president and secretary. Laura Smith has been the only nomination for secretary. She has been helping run the table and filled in for Bobbi at the Rushcreek shoot.

The old debate on arrow rules has begun again! It has been two years since this was last brought up and a proposal passed for allowing any arrow material in any class. The idea of this helping improve the shoot numbers has just not happened, actually numbers have steadily declined since the rule change. We have a few different proposals this time which will hopefully put this issue to rest for good.

Proposal #1 made by Matt Fout. I propose that the arrow rule for the selfbow class be changed as follows. “The selfbow class must shoot wood or natural material such as cane, bamboo, shoots etc. Arrows must use natural feathers, no plastic fletching. Plastic nocks are acceptable, however, self nocks or horn nocks are encouraged”. This proposal would replace the existing rule that selfbow class can shoot any material. It is my feeling that the selfbow class needs to remain as pure to its roots as possible.

Proposal #2 made by Mike Peters. This proposal is to replace the existing rule for the longbow class which states that any arrow material may be used. Proposal would be “the reinstatement of the prior arrow rule for the longbow class which would be wood or natural material arrows only”.

Proposal #3 made by Mike Peters. This is a proposal to add a “Modern Longbow” class to exempt those shooting glass, carbon, aluminum or other non wood or natural materials arrow from moving into the recurve class. Proposal states “A new longbow class called Modern Longbow be created. This term would be used to describe all the materials in the bow such as laminates and other manmade materials. This description would include the arrows as well. Following OSTA rules, sights and use of mechanical devices is prohibited”. The addition of this class would alleviate the bi-annual discussion on arrows and class restrictions.

These ideas and proposals were discussed and for the most part, well received by those at the meeting. We will be discussing this in the next meeting as well and will be taking a vote at the State shoot on the proposals separately. The roles of the executive committee and the hows and the whys they are picked was discussed. It was expressed that the executive committee members should be at the shoots or at least most of them. I agree that would be an ideal scenario but not always possible and necessary.

Keep in mind that the State Shoot is coming up and we are looking for donations for door prizes, raffle items and the annual Scott Gensert Memorial Kid’s Fund Auction.

Hope to see ya’ll at Willard.

Matt 740-493-3129

Don’t forget to bring your canned goods / non perishable food items with you to each shoot.

Items are given to the local club to donate or distribute to the needy in their area.

Thanks for helping OSTA to give back to the communities we visit.

Please support our vendors, they support us!

2018 OSTA Schedule

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