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May 2018

To the Good People of OSTA, We began the regular shoot schedule at Ross County Bowhunters the first weekend of May. We had about a dozen and a half camps spring up leading into Friday evening. Several campfires were shared and as always there was some good food being made by both the campers and concession stand. Saturday morning looked promising with nice weather and people starting to show up. It was a pretty nice morning to get out and shoot. The weather would not hold out though and gave way to rain and soggy conditions for a while giving ample opportunity to seek dry places and catch up with friends. We held our business meeting at 4:30 and was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance led by Jim Hill. Jerry had taken the opportunity and a break in the weather to go shoot so we didn’t have a formal treasurer’s report but we still holding our own financially although not as well as the past few years. We do have some expenses coming up in the form of insurance payments, merchandise and possibly a computer. Bobbi relayed the good news that we have now passed the 1000 mark on membership numbers over the years! Remember, membership numbers don’t always just reflect one person. In many cases, they can reflect several family members so it is hard to say but reasonable that we have had a couple thousand members or more over our 29 years as a club. Fletch said the course was set and ready and didn’t see any issues with safety. It was brought to our attention that there were no water stations on the course for Saturday. That issue was addressed and stations were in place for Sunday. Old business was visited. We discussed the need for nominees for the office of President and Secretary. No nominations were made. We need people to step up for these positions to keep the ball rolling. We also discussed the issue of getting more people to the shoots. Numbers have been dwindling the last year and a half, both for members and non-members. We have made flyers readily available to help spread the word and other media outlets have been used. Please share our flyers and schedules on your Facebook, Facebook groups and at other shoots as well. We did not have a lot of new business to discuss. I brought up the need for donations of bows, arrows and other equipment to send to a group of active duty troops who set up an archery on one of their bases. I think this is a worthy cause to support so if anyone has any old equipment they can donate please contact me. I have been working with Jesse Eastman from Fort Hood on this project for a while now so any donations will be greatly appreciated. I think it would be a great idea if anyone had any letters of encouragement to send as well. We will be having a youth arrow build at Apache during the next shoot. If you have built or want to learn to build a few arrows and have some free time at the Apache shoot let me or Paul know. If you have any fletching jigs and could bring them that would be great so we can bang out as many arrows as possible as quick as possible. Straight Jigs would probably be the best for the kids arrows. We’ll have all the supplies otherwise.Sunday morning was started off with Sunday Services held at the clubhouse. Sunday turned out to be a pretty decent day with a few more shooters rolling in. We had a little slop to deal with from the previous day’s deluge but not too bad. We had a nice course set by Fletch. For the first time in a while we had no ties in any of the classes. Bobbi done a great job getting all the scores tallied up ready for the awards. I would like to remind everyone that it does take time to sort and add up the score cards and often time there are issues to sort out and shoot offs. We try to have everything ready by 3 or 3:30 at the latest. Hovering around the table or asking me or Bobbi about the scores every two minutes only slows things down. We do the best we can. We concluded with the awards presentations. We ended up having 93 shooters for the weekend of which 17 were kids and youth. Thanks to Ross County for hosting the shoot and for those who attended the shoot. The next shoot will be at Apache on June 2-3. Hope to see you all there and bring along some friends or family to introduce them to archery!

Matt 740-493-3129

Don’t forget to bring your canned goods / non perishable food items with you to each shoot.

Items are given to the local club to donate or distribute to the needy in their area.

Thanks for helping OSTA to give back to the communities we visit.

Please support our vendors, they support us!

2018 OSTA Schedule

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