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  • To promote the camaraderie and brotherhood among Traditional Archers,

  • A larger entity with a stronger voice in dealing with the problems that plague the Traditional Archers today, 

  • A Statewide chain of communication to keep the Traditional Archers up to date with information such as shoot schedules and equipment for sale or trade,

  • To sponsor regional traditional shoots,

  • To hold traditional rendezvous that are both educational and entertaining with feature seminars on topics such as arrow making, leather working, shooting skills, bow and flemish string making,

  • To provide a directory that would enable the members to obtain traditional equipment with guidelines that specify the requirements of the Traditionalist, 

  • To provide qualified instructors to assist the new or beginning Traditonal Archer or even help some of the more experienced Archers work through their problems, 

  • To recognize the accomplishments of the Traditional Archers by means of awards and prizes,

  • To provide a network for recommendations and evaluations of a variety of equipment based upon tests performed by and for Traditional Archers.

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