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Men and Women Longbow

Men and Women Longbow-open arrow.
Men and Women Selfbow
Men and Women Recurve
Ole Timers, 50 years plus

Boys/Girls Youth, ages 13-17 (at 16, may choose to shoot adult)

Cubs, ages 11-12

Junior Cubs 9-10
Peewees, ages up to 8

Download Standing Rules


Part I – Equipment

1.    No sights, release aids, stabilizers or string walking.  At least one finger must touch the arrow. 

2.    No optics. (Monocular, binoculars, rangefinders, etc)

3.    No mechanical rests or plungers. Simple elevated rests (i.e., brush rests, Bear Weatherest, etc.) are permitted in the recurve class only. Any longbow or selfbow equipped with an acceptable elevated rest must shoot in the recurve class for competition.  Rests may not be adjustable by any means(i.e.-bolts, screws, set screw)

4.    No draw-checks or “clickers” will be permitted for competition

5.    Bow quivers are only permitted in the Recurve and Longbow classes.

6.    Longbow and Selfbow classes must shoot wooden or natural material arrows such as cane, shoots or bamboo; anything else constitutes Recurve Class or Longbow-Open Arrow for competition.

7.    Selfbow arrows must use natural feathers, no plastic fletching.  Plastic nocks are acceptable, however, self nocks and horn nocks are encouraged

8.    Longbow-Open Arrow class may shoot any arrow material such as wood, aluminum, carbon or fiberglass.

9.    Carbon Arrows equipped with outserts will not be permitted.

10.  Any bow used for competition must meet the design criteria for its particular shooting class as defined by Article IX of the OSTA Constitution.

Part II – Scoring

  1. The shooting classes are as follows:

  • Men and Women recurve.

  • Men and Women longbow

  • Men and Women longbow-open arrow.Pertains to arrow only.All other definitions of longbow and equipment are the same as in the longbow class.

  • Men and Women selfbow

  • Ole Timers – Ages 50 and up.

  • Boys/Girls Youth, ages 13-17 (at 16, may choose to shoot adult)

  • Cubs, ages 11-12

  • Junior Cubs 9-10

  • Peewees, ages 8 and under

  1. Scoring is 10 points for the target (ears and hooves included) and 20 points for the entire kill area.

  2. No one may shoot alone for competition, and groups larger than five adults are not permitted.

  3. When shooting for competition, one foot must touch the shooting stake.

  4. When shooting for competition, the first arrow shot at each target must be scored. This includes Youth, Cub, and Peewee shooting classes.

  5. Score cards that are incorrectly scored will be discarded, and the participant will be disqualified from competition.

Part III – Shooting Fees

  1. Member shooting fee is $10.00, non-member fee is $13.00. Family cap is $25.00 (member) and $30.00 (non-member). Additional rounds of shooting cost three dollars per person per round. 100% of the fees collected for additional rounds of shooting will be paid to the host club.

  2. Cubs and Pee Wees shoot for free.

  3. Life members shoot for free.

  4. Vendors shoot for free

  5. State Shoot Fees.Fees include unlimited shooting, once you have completed the competition round.Cost is per , Per (not day)

  • $ 12 (member)/ $ 15 (non-member) - Cost is based on shooting 30 targets per day. Should you choose to shoot both courses in the same day, you will be charged accordingly, i.e. $24 / $30.

  • Family cap ($30 / $35) is based on shooting 30 targets per day.Should you family decide to shoot both courses in the same day, you will be charged accordingly, i.e. $30 / $70.

  • Should you choose to compete in multiple classes additional charges will apply.


  1. Must be a member by first shoot of the year, but don't have to shoot all of the shoots.

  2. Score will be valid only on the the course is shot.  Any additional shooting must be done on that course. Example:  If at the State Shoot, where we have two courses, you shoot course "A" for score on Saturday, you cannot practice on course "B", and then shoot "B" for score on Sunday.

  3. Must adhere to the equipment rules for your class.

  4. Must follow all other OSTA shoot rules.

Additional Shoot Rules

  1. Children under 17 must be accompanied by an adult at all times while on the course or practice range.

  2. The age for determining the correct shooting class is established at the first shoot of the season. Youths, Cubs and Peewees can move up one shooting class, but may not return to the younger class.

  3. Shooters age 13 and up shoot from the RED stake, regardless of gender.

  4. The Executive Committee of OSTA, Inc. may make exceptions to any of our shooting rules for archers who have special needs. The decision to make an exception will be made by a minimum of two officers and one advisor.

  5. The shooting course opens at 9am and closes at 5pm on Saturday. The shooting course opens at 9am and closes at 1pm on Sunday. Only officers and vendors are permitted to enter the shooting course before or after these designated times.

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