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May 2017

To the Good People of OSTA,

I hope everyone is enjoying their turkey season. We held our May shoot at Ross County this past weekend. We had a below average crowd show up on both days. Saturday we only seen 33 shooters and Sunday we made it to 55. For those that did make it, we had a great time and I appreciate the participation. Jeff Fletcher ran the kids shoot while Ed was busy teaching bowhunter education. We pulled Ted out of retirement to help run the table Saturday, thanks Ted. Thank you also to all who helped set the stakes. Ross county had the grounds set up nice and were more than hospitable. They provided us with some great food as always.

We held a brief business meeting on Saturday. We were not able to vote on the proposal that is on the table regarding not entering into contracts or agreements with clubs for a period of more than two years. I was the only officer present and no other executive committee members were present so that vote will be tabled until the next meeting. We had no other proposals or new business brought up.

Our next shoot will be at Blackhoof Bowmen.



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