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2017 Schedule

To The Good People of OSTA, I hope you all have had a plentiful and successful hunting season. I imagine some of you were put into situations this year where practice on the OSTA courses paid off. The officers have been busy dealing with memberships, buying kids bows and generally making sure all is in place for this upcoming season. The banquet is to be held March 5th at Claylick. Starting at 11 a.m. we will have social hour. Around 12:00 we will have a dinner. OSTA will provide meat and drinks Please bring a side dish and/or dessert, After dinner, we will have a meeting where we will vote on the proposed arrow change rule. A ten minute discussion period on the subject may be heard and then a vote will take place. Only OSTA members in good standing may take place in the vote. That means, any money owed from the auction ect must be received before the meeting. The proposal has been duly noted and expressed in the newsletters and debated during meetings. We will adhere to, the rules set forth in our constitution and by-laws during the meeting. Furthermore, there will not be any outbursts or loud discussions out of turn before, during or after discussion of said proposal. Any person causing disruption may be subject to disciplinary action or asked to leave. We will not have anymore behavior at meetings, auctions or otherwise during official OSTA business. The behavior and noise by some at the Auction at this past State Shoot was unacceptable. We can have fun but there is a point where rude behavior becomes a distraction to all. The schedule is as follows. March 5th- Banquet at Claylick April 1-2- fun Shoot at Apache, OSTA members shoot for free Sat, May 6-7- Ross County Bowhunters June 3-4- Blackhoof Bowmen July 8-9- Rushcreek Sportsmen Aug 5-6- Willard Conservation Club Sept- 2-3- State Shoot at Claylick Matt 740-493-3129

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