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  • Matt Fout

July 2015

To the Good Folks of OSTA, A few days have passed since the Rushcreek shoot and I’m finally able to fit into my clothes again. Do those guys know how to feed us or what? Rushcreek went above and beyond expectations again this year and it was greatly appreciated. The food was great and plentiful, they brought firewood around to our camps, fogging the course for skeeters (even though some of the skeeters have OSTA in their blood now, must be what makes them so tough). It was very warming to see that the guys from Rushcreek took Bobbi Fry out on the course on the Gator so she could shoot the course. What a great thing to do. I just wish we had more of our friends there to share in all the fun. I’m proud to say my son, Boone, provided some entertainment Saturday evening by allowing us to tie a string to his loose tooth and an arrow and shooting his own tooth out. Anyone that had video or pictures of that, feel free to post it on our facebook or you tube. Boone was very happy to see we had many tooth fairies in our club! Thanks guys and gals. We also recognized the veterans in our club during the meeting. I know many weren’t there but I/we appreciate your service to our country, my hats off to you all. Shoot numbers were low, 64 on Saturday and 57 on Sunday I believe. I really think we can do better for the shoot at Ruhcreek in the future since they cater to us so much. We are in good shape financially with over $5000 in our account and close to $1000 in pay pal. We have not seen the transaction yet for insurance which will be roughly $600-800 this year. We will also be buying some more third place pins for competition and medals of some sort for the kids which will run $750-1000 I’m estimating. Other news of note from the meeting. Joy is working on getting the club out there more on Facebook. Ed Jarvis fixed us up on some arrow holders and bow holders for the kids balloon shoots, thanks Ed. The positions of treasurer and vice president are up this year and a vote will be held at the state shoot. Anyone wishing to help out with our club should contact me or bring it up at the next meeting. You may also nominate someone whom you feel is capable of the task. We need to start accumulating door prizes for the state shoot so if you see a good deal on something related to archery or hunting contact me so I can approve it. Donations are always appreciated. We also have some very nice items up for raffle. There is the Stars and Stripes bow built by Dave Huff (Mark Gentaline is working on a matching set of arrows for the bow), the 25th anniversary quiver made by Huff, Jaimie Miller built a very nice bamboo backed osage bow(new this weekend), we have a youth ram hunt donated by Salt Creek Hunting Preserve of which Ed Jarvis has donated free taxidermy work on. We will have many more items become available by the state shoot. Also keep in mind items to be auctioned off for the Scott Gensert Memorial Kid’s Fund. Let’s try to donate quality items to benefit the kids program as much as possible. We will hopefully be able to do a memorial arrow shoot at the state shoot on Saturday. Preliminary talks with Claylick for doing so were promising. We are also looking into how we can keep the web page updated more efficiently with pictures and news about our shoots. I have been issuing some free shoots during my walk arounds in the evening to those I felt were deserving or just felt sorry for! I believe at the next shoot I will add a wrinkle and make up some gold president’s arrows. Anyone finding these arrows will be entitled to one free shoot day. They will be gold arrows hidden here or there. On Friday they will be on the practice range or around camp. Saturday they may be on the range, camps or course or even snuck in someone’s quiver. Present them at the registration table and shoot for free that day or the next day. A note about Donnie Assenheimer. Apparently he is doing ok and is still in the nursing home. I’d like to wish Don and his family well. I’m sure they appreciate everyone’s concern, thoughts and prayers. If anyone hears of his or other member’s status, I would appreciate hearing about it with confirmation details so that we may help out appropriately and pass the word along. The next shoot will be at Hocking Valley Sportsman near Albany. I know maps and GPS are always a concern so I hope what we provide is sufficient. You can contact me for direction if you need help, I’ll do my best. We try to do the best we can on signs but apparently someone needed our signs more than us at Rushcreek. I’ll try to get more made up.

Best Regards,

Matt Fout


Here is a link to the Google map for Hocking Valley Sportsman.,-82.156265,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x884876939f190459:0x8f1b1868263cb982

OSTA Shoot Schedule

OSTA Banquet March 8 Cardinal Shooting Center, Merengo Fun Shoot April 11 & 12 Apache Bowhunters Lockbourne May 2 & 3 Ross County Bowhunters Chillicothe, Oh June 6 & 7 Blackhoof Bowmen Jamestown, Ohio July 11 & 12 Rushcreek Sportsmen Belle Center August 1 & 2 Hocking Valley Sportsmen Albany September 5 & 6 OSTA STATE SHOOT Claylick Bowhunters Newark
Don’t forget to bring your canned goods / non perishable food items with you to each shoot. Items are give to the local club to donate or distribute to the needy in their area.
Thanks for helping OSTA to give back to the communities we visit.

Please support these vendors, they support us!

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