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  • Jim Suttinger

June 2014

Good People of OSTA,

Ted was kind enough to send me the audio version of the minutes from the last business meeting so I can keep up in my absence. It was brought to my attention by a member in good standing that there was a similar situation concerning the Standing Rules in the past and I needed to read the minutes from a former "administration". I did so and in keeping with what OSTA membership voted on back then, I stated in the last newsletter how the proposed Standing Rules will be addressed. It will be addressed at the July shoot, the August shoot, and voted on at the State Shoot. I thought that was spelled out pretty clear in my last newsletter. I want you all to know what is going on so there is no doubt.

There is no back door activity to eliminate competition. It is no secret I am in favor of eliminating competition but at last year's State Shoot the membership spoke and I will respect that. The proposed Standing Rules is no attempt to get my way. Competition does cost OSTA money...probably more we all think. In fact we are trying to figure that out now. There is no conspiracy to do anything but make the competition part of OSTA stand on it's own financially. Of the $2 fee for competition OSTA only gets $1. The other $1 goes to the host club because of our contract that states they get half of all the registration fees. If we have 52 competitors as in the Ross County shoot, that is $52 dollars that goes towards purchasing pins, cards, shirts, ext. Last year we spent close to $300 for the Shooter of the Year awards. If we add $52x5 that is $260. That does not include the cost of the pins awarded at each shoot or the other awards for the State Shoot. There are many members who never turn in a score card who will never earn an award because it is not important to them. It is for this reason the Executive Committee feels that the competition side of OSTA should stand on it's own. That is the only reason for the $2 competition fee and the reality is that might not be enough. That will be assessed after this season after all expenses are tallied.

On the issue cards being filled out correctly. I attended the Howard Hill Commemorative 10th anniversary shoot on the same weekend of our shoot at Blackhoof. They had a sign posted at the registration table that if your card was filled out incorrectly it would be discarded. I would think if a shooter is competing at an event and trying to win or place, that shooter would want a correct score card turned in. The bottom line is that it is the competitors responsibility to turn in a correctly filled out and tallied score card. PERIOD.

On issue of the foot placement at the stake, this is answering an unspoken rule that has never really been addressed but it has been brought up and it could be a potential problem. If we have shooters who are going to compete, then the playing field should be as level as possible so every participant has the same opportunity. That is why this clarification was put in and approved by the EC. Some take competition more serious than others. Some may shoot with the back foot on the stake and that could be seen as an advantage by another putting them closer to the target. The thought is to make everyone shoot the same distance with no advantage. There can be a 2 yard or better distance difference in shooting from the front foot or the back. Making everyone shoot from the same stake the same way levels the playing field for competitors.

Many who spoke up at the meeting have my cell phone number, my e-mail, and can contact me here....but I have not heard from any of you. I heard that many are upset about this but no one has taken the opportunity to bring it to my attention. I am not unapproachable. If you have concerns or need an explanation I will be glad to give it to you as will any of the other officers. I was taken back by the ones who seemed to take offense with these proposals never contacted me personally and chose to do this at a meeting that I could not be present. Matt has proven he is more than capable in handling a difficult situation and did fine in my absence.

The EC has put a lot of thought and discussion into these revision to the Standing Rules. The amount of discussion and the tone at the last meeting proves that it is needed. OSTA has been loose on handling competition in the past an there have been some who have cheated and got away with it. It’s a funny thing but when you become President people start telling you how someone has been cheating or doing something they should not. We are trying to take away any advantages and keep the playing field as level as we can. There are actually very few additions to these revisions. There are a lot of clarifications but they are necessary. Ultimately the shooting course is policed by yourselves unless we want to elect target officers to place at each target to monitor each shooter to make sure no rules are broken. What we can control we are doing our best to do. Remember, we do not get paid for doing this. We volunteer out time and effort and there is a lot more than what you see at our events.

Sincerely yours,

Jim Suttinger

Secretary notes: Matt Fout led meeting because of Jim being away for work related business. So,,, we talked badly about Jim for a while. Just kidding. We started with sad news of a fellowship member’s grandchild being injured at a softball game, good news later, he was doing much better, prayers answered. The subject of bows being picked up, leave others bows be. Trash on the course, bad. Stakes being moved, even worse. Shooters will be removed from the event if caught. Score cards must be scored by the owners, if not totaled, totaled incorrectly, they will be thrown out. Standing rule discussion was tabled, quite a lively discussion about $2.00 charge for competition. We also talked about the proper foot to be against the stake while shooting. Dan New won’t be able to take care of the kids shoot in July, help was requested of the members,,,,,,we heard that there is appx $1,700.00 in the kids boy fund. $3,200.00 in general fund, then we talked about two dollars again, and again. 88 people shot on Saturday, 17 of them were children. Sunday we had 79 shooters, 17 children, of the 79 shooters, 49 shot competition 62% The May shoot had 50% competition,,,,,

OSTA Shoot Schedule

2014 Shoot Schedule OSTA Banquet March 2 Cardinal Shooting Center, Merengo April 5 & 6 Apache Bowhunters Lockbourne May 3 & 4 Ross County Bowhunters Chillicothe, Oh June 7 & 8 Blackhoof Bowmen Jamestown, Ohio July 12 & 13 Rushcreek Sportsmen Belle Center August 2 & 3 Claylick Bowhunters Newark August 30 & 31 OSTA STATE SHOOT Willard Conservation League Willard

Don’t forget to bring your canned goods / non perishable food items with you to each shoot. Items are give to the local club to donate or distribute to the needy in their area.

Thanks for helping OSTA to give back to the communities we visit.

Please support these vendors, they support us!

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