• Matt Fout

April 2018

To the Good People of OSTA,

We began our year of with our annual banquet which was held at Claylick on the first Sunday of March. We had roughly 80-85 members in attendance. The members of Claylick provided us a nice clean facility again this year and were very helpful in making sure everything was ready to go. Members mingled around and caught up with each other and shared hunting stories until it was time for our dinner. We had some fine smoked pork as the main meat dish. Brandy and Huff done a great job again this year with the pork. Members brought some fine side dishes and desserts to round out the meal. As the meal was finishing up, we began our business meeting. Mike Peters gave the Treasurer’s report and reported that we were doing alright financially. Full reports were passed around and if anyone needs a copy we can get it to you. Bobbi filled us in on her efforts on getting new membership and renewals taken care of. Glenn gave thanks to those that had helped him out during his time as Vice President and relayed the message that people need to step up and help out. Jerry Waddell and Jeff Fletcher were announced as being the new Treasurer and Vice President respectively. I have really appreciated the time I spent working with Mike and Glenn over the last few years. The first order of old business was the need for nominations for Secretary and President this year. I think Bobbi and I have had enough for now folks! We need people to step up for these positions. Nominations will be open for the offices up till the State shoot.

We also talked about ways to increase numbers at our shoots and increase awareness of the club. Plans were made to distribute more flyers at other events and also get our shoots out there on local radio stations. It was also mentioned that we should work with the OBA more and help promote each other. It was also discussed about going to the Deer and Turkey Expo and other events. However, it was brought to everyone’s attention that this can get expensive and has been tried before with little results. One possibility may be to work with the OBA or CBA to help share costs and/or distribute flyers.

Nancy has been working hard a getting the new website up. We will be using a different address now but the old address will soon redirect users to the new one. The new site should be more user friendly and easier to maintain. It will be easier to post pictures I believe so we need ya’ll to send us your OSTA and hunting pictures.

I had the distinct honor of announcing that Mike Peters is our newest OSTA Life Member. This privilege is not one that can be bought, but rather earned through years of service to OSTA and the archery community. I cannot name all the things Mike has done for our club and archery but he has served diligently as an officer within our club and has been a pleasure to work with. Even through adverse times, Mike worked tirelessly to make things happen for OSTA and foster the spirit of archery with others. It seems like every week he is traveling somewhere else helping to set up ranges for different groups and make sure they have what they need to practice shooting on numerous occasions we have seen Mike teaching others to shoot. When I asked the thoughts from the executive committee and other longstanding members about making Mike a Life Member, there was not one person that hesitated in saying he was a good choice. In keeping with Mike’s diligence as our bean counter, I made sure he paid for this year’s membership before he was named a Life Member! Thanks Mike.

The drawing for the annual membership bow was held at the banquet. This year I contacted Bear Archery to do our membership bow and they agreed to do a bow for us. The winner has the choice of several different types of trad bows and can choose according to their desires and specs. The folks at Bear were very nice to work with on getting this set up. The lucky winner was Jennifer Elizondo. I can’t wait to see the new bow Jennifer will get.

Shooter of the year awards were presented to the members with the highest cumulative scores for the year. Dave Huff with Huff’s Custom Leather made customized belt pouches for this year’s winners. Congrats to all the shooters of the year.

Peewee- Boone Fout Womens Longbow- Jennifer Elizondo Jr Cub- Warren Miller Mens Longbow- Glenn Anderson Cub- Curtis Chapman Womens Recurve- Anne Carter Youth Girls- Ali Chapman Mens Reurve- Greg Langley Youth Boys- Malik Fry Oldtimers Jim Hill Womens selfbow- Nancy Hartung Mens Selfbow- Mitch Fry

Saturday. The folks at Blackhoof made things as comfortable as

possible by keeping a fire going half way through the course to offer a place to warm up and kept a heater going and the coffee rolling in the clubhouse. Sunday proved to be a little more pleasant and we had a little better crowd show up. We ended up having 66 shooters for the weekend. It was good to see everyone that made it out and we welcomed in a few new faces to the club. Thanks to all those at Blackhoof for all their work and helping pull cars in and out with the tractor. We did not have a business meeting at this shoot.

Our next shoot will be at Ross County on May 5-6. We will have our next business meeting at the clubhouse there on Saturday at 4:30. Keep in mind you must be a member in good standing by the beginning of this shoot if you are going to be in the running for shooter of the year this year. Good luck to all those who will be chasing turkeys and be safe.

Matt 740-493-3129

Don’t forget to bring your canned goods / non perishable food items with you to each shoot.

Items are given to the local club to donate or distribute to the needy in their area.

Thanks for helping OSTA to give back to the communities we visit.

Please support our vendors, they support us!

2018 OSTA Schedule

April 7-8- Fun Shoot at Blackhoof Bowmen

May 5-6- Ross County

June 2-3- Apache Bowhunters

July 14-15- Rushcreek Sportsmen

August 4-5- Willard Conservation

September 1-2- State Shoot at Claylick Bowhunters

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