August 2016

To the Good People of OSTA, It was great to get back to Willard this month. We had a respectable turnout of 80 shooters on Saturday and 65 shooters on Sunday. Well over half the shooters on Saturday were non-members. For the weekend the mix was about fifty-fifty for members and non-members. The crew at Willard had everything looking great and served us up some good food. Thanks to everyone at Willard for making an enjoyable shoot. We have been invited back for next year if we can fit it into the schedule. We had a nice turnout for the meeting on Saturday. We discussed possible shoot locations again for next year. Hopefully, I will have a tentative schedule for next year by the e

August 2016

To the Good People of OSTA, Another great shoot at Rushcreek is in the books. Attendance was up a bit over the previous shoots which was nice to see. The folks at Rushcreek really done a great job again this year having everything ready to go and the grounds were very well kept, well done and thank you to them. There aren’t many places I can recall where they bring camp wood right to the fire and make sure there is no one going hungry. The Fish fry was great as usual. Thanks to Rushcreek again for a job well done. Ed Jarvis has decided to step up and take care of the kids shoot. We had a really nice kids shoot at Rushcreek with about 10 shooters. Ed did a great job with the shoot

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