April 2015

To the good people of OSTA, And it rained and it rained and it rained………and by some miracle we actually had nice weather for our fun shoot. We had a pretty decent turnout with about 80 shooters each day. Thanks to those at Apache for altering the course a little to keep us high and dry. I think it all worked out pretty well. We did not hold a business meeting at this shoot due to the fact there were only a handful of members left at meeting time. I know there were a few folks with ideas and suggestions so please write them down and submit them to me asap so we can go over them with the executive committee before the next meeting. Those of you who wish to compete for ‘shooter of the

March 2014

I hope everyone who attended the banquet enjoyed the great food and comradery we shared. Thanks to all those who helped with the preparations, food and setup. If anyone has any ideas on how to improve our banquet or save costs associated with it please let me know. The banquet is a significant expense in our yearly budget. I believe we may try to do rsvp next year so we can get a better idea on how much food, beverages and supplies we will need. We had a lot of leftover meat, drinks and veggie trays this year. As we begin our 2015 season we are financially stable and I believe most major purchases that we need have already been made and accounted for. Mike had a grea

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